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Dietary Program

Vida Encantada provides nutritious, well balanced meals and snacks that not only taste good, but meet the specific dietary needs of each resident. Independence is promoted so special equipment and utensils are provided and staff is present to assist as needed. Menus are approved by a dietitian and followed to ensure each resident receives the recommended daily nutritional allowances. Vida Encantada serves three meals per day and a bedtime snack. The Dietary department makes sure that food is served in a form to meet the needs of residents that have chewing and swallowing problems. Therapeutic diets can be ordered by a physician and are calculated by the dietitian. Residents with weight loss or wounds are offered additional supplements to promote weight gain or wound healing. Food is handled, stored, and prepared in a sanitary manner and at the appropriate temperature in order to prevent foodborne illnesses. The Dietary Department works in conjunction with the Activities Department for daily and weekly activities. Elegant Dining takes place for Christmas.

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